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San Antonio Academy Parents Club
The Parents Club is a volunteer organization comprised of all parents and guardians of presently enrolled students. The purpose of the Parents Club is to provide support to all facets of Academy life, including fundraising projects, student recruitment efforts, organization of designated school functions, and to promote school spirit.

2016-2017 Officers: 

President: Lisa Miller 
Vice President: Shelley Thill
Treasurer: Lea Nye

Sign up for specific volunteer opportunities on Volunteer Spot

There are plenty of opportunities for parents to volunteer their time during the year. Including:
Snack/Bake Sale Committee: Offers snack sales in the afternoons
   on Wednesdays of most school weeks. This committee also organizes
   bake sales at various times during the year, each of which is sponsored
   by a different grade or grades. Volunteers needed to assist in snack

-  Faculty Appreciation Committee:
Organizes breakfast and/or lunch
   in the staff lounge three times during the school year, as well as other events
   demonstrating appreciation for teachers and staff during the school
-  Book Fairs Committee: Coordinates two Book Fairs held in the
-  Class Representatives Committee: Volunteers per class Pre-K – 8th
   grade who assist in various duties throughout year to include social
   get-togethers per grade for parents and children to be determined by
   each class representative. They facilitate in informing respective classes of
   information throughout the year of important events.
-  Dance Committee: Puts on three dances in the school gym for the
   6th-8th graders. This committee also organizes the Military Ball.
   Responsibility for the dances are divided by the committee among the
   middle school grades: 6th Grade, 7th Grade, and 8th Grade for Military
   Ball. Proceeds from the dances are used to pay the costs of the Military
   Ball. Dance committee is responsible for decorations and volunteers. 
-  Eighth Grade Committee: organizes fundraisers to be put on by
   eighth grade students and parents during the school year. The principle
   fundraiser is the Cowboy Breakfast. All net proceeds are used by the
   graduating class to purchase gifts for the school.  
-  Cat Shack Spirit Store: Promotes school spirit by selling merchandise
   at the spirit store through various products.  
-  Alamo Honor Guard Committee: Coordinates logistics and
   drink/snacks for the students participating in the Honor Guard at the
   Battle of Flowers Parade. The Honor Guard chairperson works with
   commandant to coordinate. 
The Cat Shack Spirit Store opened its doors in 2009 to help promote school spirit. To find store hours, view merchandise, or get the latest Cat Shack announcements, visit the web page.

Dates to Remember:

Parents Club Meetings

-- January 12, 2017
-- May 4, 2017
*Meetings held in the Bondurant Library at 8:15 a.m.

Bake Sales & Faculty Appreciation
View the Class Rep Volunteer Dates.

Snack Sales
The snack sales occur every Wednesday, 3:15-5:00 PM.

Book Fairs
Fall -- November 15-18
Spring --May 2-5

School Dances
Back to School -- September 16
Fall Dance -- Nov 4
Winter Dance -- Feb 17
Military Ball -- April 1
*Please review the dress code policies for SAA dances.

Has moved online exclusively! Visit here.

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