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Academy Boys Take the Stage
8th Grade Boys perform "Julius Caesar"
Join us for the 8th Grade performance of “Julius Caesar “on Wednesday, February 8 at 2:25 p.m. (Section A) and Thursday, February 9 at 2:25 p.m. (Section B).

About The Eighth Grade Shakespeare Plays:
One of the unique aspects of San Antonio Academy’s approach to teaching Shakespeare is the fact that stage performance of his work is an integral component of the eighth grade language arts curriculum. In other schools, if The Bard’s plays are produced, they are usually sponsored by drama clubs, theatre classes, or fine arts electives, a methodology that inevitably attracts only those students who have theatrical talent (or at least those who are drawn to the performance arts). At SAA the eighth grade Shakespeare unit encompasses every student in the graduating class, a fact that frequently leads to boys who initially had little or no interest in drama or Shakespeare actually thriving in the play, discovering as they do so talents they had not known they possessed. Even more significant, as a curricular unit, the annual Shakespeare production provides an invaluable instructional tool for unlocking the relevancy of classic work, through a combination of classroom study and a great deal of kinetic activity: a perfect educational approach for middle school boys.
View a selection from last year's 8th Grade Class performance of "The Tempest"


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